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FREE 2020 GEMSTONE CALENDAR & FREE GEMSTONELIGHT with every order or during a visit to our New Year's show, or to our new gemstone garden! Also this week a new container from Peru with Pyriet, Palo Santo & Brazil container with Amethyst and Agate  Come and order via the webshop with delivery by DHL. (Note; closed on Saturday December 21th)

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Rhino bookends bronze from Canada

Rhino bookends bronze from Canada


Rhino bookends bronze from Canada


Naturalia such as animal skulls, antlers are highly sought after, but in addition to strict import and CITES regulations also often susceptible to moths and other pests, which is why we sell them in beautiful bronze.


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Bronze sculpture from Canada where they are molded by hand according to the ancient Lost Wax Principe. An ancient technique in which the images are cast of wax into a mold. A country with a rich history still in the casting of bronze and it is really excellent kwalitieit. The best artists come from Vancouver.