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New: Mexico container (Calcites, Fluorite) and further expected: Cactus quartz from Boekenhouthoek / South Africa, Australia container (Mookaite, Tiger iron) Call and come by, or order via the website. (SATERDAY 15TH AUGUST WILL BE CLOSED)

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Tanzanite from Tanzania in 925/000 silver "Prestige" pendant

Tanzanite from Tanzania in 925/000 silver "Prestige" pendant


Tanzanite from Tanzania in 925/000 silver "Prestige" pendant


Prestige gemstone jewelry have been for almost 40 years for the 1st highest grade silver (925/000), 2. Beautiful free shape cut gems & 3. Good craftsmanship




More information

Tanzanite is a zoisite variety and is named after Tanzania. Although the inhabitants of Tanzania knew the stones for a long time, tanzanite was discovered only in 1967 for precious stone science by an Indian prospector Manuel de Souza. However, this thought initially found a deposition of sapphire. Tanzanite was then described by the German geological association as a variety of zoisites. The stone was especially famous as a jewel of film star Elizabeth Taylor. Today tanzanite belongs to the most popular gems. Tanzanites are found in the area of ​​the Merelani Hills (also known as Meralani, Merarani or Mererani Hills), near Arusha and Moshi in Tanzania. They form prismatic crystals with marked vertical slots and occur in pegmatic-hydrothermal veins. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington's collection contains beautiful rough and tanned tanzanites. The literature describes a carved stone of 122.7 carats and a tanzanite cat eye of more than 200 carats. Tanzanites are used in all ornamental forms. Sometimes the color can be improved by heating to 400-500 degrees centigrade.