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Also expected: Sage / Sweetgrass from the U.S.A., Nag Champa from India and pink Amethyst from Patagonia in Argentina. Order in the webshop and with DHL from € 500, - delivered FREE in NL, Belgium, France, UK, Austria & Ireland. Or call for an appointment in Berghem.(Saterday 19th september we are closed)

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Prestige earrings with Pink Amethyst from Patagonia, Argentina


Prestige earrings with Pink Amethyst from Patagonia, Argentina


Prestige earrings with Pink Amethyst from Patagonia, Argentina


Pink amethyst was only discovered in 2018, and in 2019 we met a small batch of polished Argentine amethysts, which we had set up in our own Prestige workshop in Berghem.

More information

Pink Amethyst is a rare species of Amethyst that is only found in the Patagonia area in the area in Argentina. More specifically, in that area the El chiquada mine is the most used site. Pink Amethyst is new and is hardly offered yet. It is an extremely energetic stone with strong healing properties. If you look at the most common characteristics, then almost all of them are properties that are related to the heart. The overview below shows where the Pink Amethyst is most appreciated and applied for.

* Strongly working on the health of the heart and heart muscle.
* Strongly promotes sleeping, placed under the pillow where one sleeps.
* Break through negative energy paths and relieve stress and tension.
* Gives the insight to distinguish the good from the bad.

The color of the Pink Amethyst is caused by the strong presence of Hematite this color the Quartz pink in contrast to e.g. Rose quartz. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word Amethystos which means something like "against the intoxication or not intoxicating" and finds its origin in the old superstition that the wearer is protected from the intoxication of wine.