Dorje also called Vajhra

Dorje also called Vajhra "crosswise"

Prayer wheel in wood without gemstones.

Prayer wheel in wood without gemstones.

Prayer Wheel with gemstones made in Nepal

Buddhist prayer instrument made of Bronze in Nepal.
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A prayer wheel (Sanskrit: Khorten) is a cylindrical grinder that rotates around a vertical axis. It is usually made of metal, wood or leather. They come in all shapes and maten.Op the outside of the cylinder is always written a prayer or mantra. According to Tibetan Buddhism, the spinning of a prayer wheel the same effect as uttering the appropriate prayers or mantras. The mill is intended, or to be rotated in the direction of the clock, otherwise the heading is read backwards. When someone starts turning he should pronounce the word. It must be reiterated when he is done spinning. In the intervening period, the mill can as often and quickly turned as they want. A common inscription is the mantra: Om mani padme hum. The most common version of a prayer wheel is an upright cylinder. There are usually several together in a row and can be rotated by a passer-by. There are also variants, such as: A small portable version with a handle. A small portable version on a rope. It runs by itself. Prayer wheels which are driven automatically, for example by means of water, sun, wind or electricity. Digital prayer wheels.

A huge prayer wheel and a ceremony in Bhutan.

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