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43rd SUMMERSALE 2021, come by quickly, various new items! Although deliveries are difficult due to lockdowns in countries, scarcity of raw materials, lack of empty containers and, above all, transport rates that are 300% more expensive than in 2020. Call for an appointment and come by or order via the website! FREE FUN SUMMER ATTENTION.

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Sodalite pendant and / or pendant with chakra stones from Afghanistan.

Hanger stift 4 cm sodaliet logo_product

Sodalite pendant and / or pendant with chakra stones from Afghanistan.


Sodalite pendant and / or pendant with chakra stones from Afghanistan.


Just like "his brother" in Rose Quartz, this pendant / pendant also has a powerful expression especially in combination with the 7 chakra stones.



Prijs elders

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The mineral sodalite is a chlorine-containing sodium aluminum silicate with the chemical formula Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2. It belongs to the feldspathoids tectosilicaat. The white, gray, pink, green or deep blue sodalite is a glass to oily shine, a white stripe color and cleavage is poor according to the crystal surface [110]. The average density is 2.29 and the hardness is 6. The crystal system is cubic and the mineral is not radioactive. The name of the mineral sodalite is derived from the chemical composition; English sodium means "sodium." Sodalite is mainly found in nepheline syenieten, phonolite and other felsic silica-poor igneous and metamorphic rocks. The type locality is situated in the Ilimaussaq massif on Greenland.

With pendeling is meant to answer (questions of life by means of a pendle, a pendle drop-shaped metal, glass or wooden object with a wire or chain. pedeling is considered an dowsing as a form of radiesthesia and divination. Pendeling is used among other things to possible to find answers to (life) questions or to detect so-called "energy". There is no scientific evidence that pendeling works, but people who use the shuttle believe that the instrument is working properly. the pendle is taken into the end solid of a flexible wire, rope or chain with a length of 5 to 10 cm. on the other tip is an object of metal, glass, wood or other material, which functions as a small weight. This weight can have all kinds of shapes and sizes . questioning should be done carefully to properly obtain a reply. The question must therefore be precise and can ask only one question at a time. The shuttle would then by a specific way of moving can confirm whether to answer 'no'. When the pendle is sometimes used a shuttle card, on which a number of possible answers or an alphabet are shown. As the shuttle can move in any direction provides the shuttle card next orientation also more opportunities to read detailed the answer. Shuttle Map Dowsing is one of many tools that complementary therapists try to see the subconscious of clients.