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19.02 Brazil container received with 11 new rough stones (Cheetah, Bronzite, Hematite, Blue Quartz) 20.02 Tucson shipment with 33 new books, fossil whale ossicles, knightia fish and 66 new stone products. 21.02 Madagascar container received with 3 new types of stone. A total of 90 new products, come to Berghem or order in the webshop. (Note: Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September a.s. closed!)

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Splendor beetle type Sternocera aequisignata from Thailand in nice frame with glass.



Splendor beetle type Sternocera aequisignata from Thailand in nice frame with glass.


Splendor beetle type Sternocera aequisignata from Thailand in nice frame with glass.


Fantastic series with stuffed and completely legal insects from Thailand and surroundings. In very nice wooden frame.


More information

Eupatorus is a beetle species from the family Scarabaeidae. The scientific name of the species was first validly published in 1908 by Arrow.

Beetles (Coleoptera) are an order of winged insects. Beetles differ from all other insects by the forewings that have been changed into hard shields. These shields are called elytra and cover the fragile and membranous rear wings. Beetles are the largest order of the insects and are one of the few insect groups known to the general public due to the worldwide occurrence and the enormous species richness. Beetles occur all over the world and live in the most diverse habitats. Only in real polar regions and in the sea do not species occur. The larvae of beetles often live on or in the soil and do not have wings yet. They are rather immobile and are therefore often bound to a specific environment. The adult beetles, on the other hand, are able to move by flying away and spreading. Beetles have a huge diversity in body shape but all have the same basic plan. The body is usually spherical and the antennae are relatively short, but there are many exceptions. Beetles are also heavily armored by their thick chitin skin. The front wing pair has been transformed into a protective armor at the top of the body. Beetles can not fly as fast as the representatives of many other groups of insects. Some 20,000 species are found in Europe. Approximately 4200 species of beetles occur in the Netherlands and Belgium, including many water beetles such as the yellow-rimmed watertor and the writer. Well-known land beetles are the ladybug, the heroes' buck and the meikever. In the Dutch Species Register, more than 4,100 species of the 18,000 native Dutch insect species are registered as beet species, so that almost 23% of Dutch insect species are classified in the order of the beetles.