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New this week; Sage from USA, saltlamps from Pakistan and dreamcatchers from Indonesia. Very slowly, countries will open again, Morocco will open, and we expect a 40 foot container with Selenite, minerals and fossils next week. 

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Palamnaersus black scorpion from Thailand in nice frame with glass.



Palamnaersus black scorpion from Thailand in nice frame with glass.


Palamnaersus black scorpion from Thailand in nice frame with glass.


Fantastic series with stuffed and completely legal insects from Thailand and surroundings. In very nice wooden frame.


More information

Scorpions (Scorpiones) are an order of arthropod animals which belong to the arachnids class. Scorpions are among the oldest known arachnids and are also seen as a fairly primitive group within this class. Scorpions are represented by about 1800 species, and many extinct species which are known as fossils. It is one of the few groups of animals whose representatives are all more or less look the same and hard with other animals can be confused. It is the only group of animals with venom glands including needle-like delivery device at the end of an elongated, muscular and very active part of the abdomen. Because they belong to the arachnids are scorpions most closely related to animals like spiders, mites, ticks and harvestmen. Nevertheless, they are simple in most other arachnids distinguishable by the elongate body, the gripping pincers and the thick 'tail' which carries a stinger. A scorpion is distinguishable from all other arthropods by looking at the following characteristics the combination of which is characteristic of scorpions; * Clearly flattened body. * Four pairs of walking legs and one pair of large projections on the front that everyone has a clear scissors. * An elongated part on the rear side which has a bulb end having attached thereto a spine-like protuberance. All scorpions are highly toxic to small animals, several dozen species are dangerous to humans. However, most scorpions are not able to kill a human being. In particular, the types that are not only toxic but also occur commonly are responsible for many human victims and deliver the scorpions like spinning an undeserved bad name. Scorpions are thus regarded by the public as dangerous animals.