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The webshop is open - and we have put together 40 very special offers for you.
In this unreal time we wish you the very best, stay healthy and take care of yourself! Our webshop remains open and has used the 40 best-selling items at very special prices. The wholesaler is only open on request by telephone, and if you are not ill / have a cold and can keep it at a distance of 1.5 meters, which is appropriate for the government. Sold a lot in this bizarre time; Ocean drums, Shakti-Yogamats , Hopi drums, Books, Lotus puzzles, Gemstone grids, Singing bowls, Black Tourmaline, Florida water and salt lamps, these last 3 articles against negative rays etc. etc.

23.03 arrived 20ft container Indonesia and 25.03 1500kgs Paua-shells from New Sealand and 26.03 Palosanto/Pyrite from Peru

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Buffalo Horn of Watusi Nigeria (Longhorn) 19-24 inches (45-60 cm)

Buffalo Horn of Watusi Nigeria (Longhorn) 19-24 inches (45-60 cm)


Buffalo Horn of Watusi Nigeria (Longhorn) 19-24 inches (45-60 cm)


Nice shaped horn of unprotected buffalo. If you order them in even quantity , we will try sending them as a couple. Very nice decoration piece in both modern and classic interiors.

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The Watusi (also Watutsirund or Watoetsirund) is a bovine from Africa. They have fairly long horns. The Watusi is a descendant of the aurochs, which became extinct in the 17th century. The cattle have been playing some 6,000 years an important role in the lives of several African tribes such as the Tutsi and Ankole. The cattle gave a strain both food as payment status. The oxen with the longest horns belonged to the King and were considered sacred. The animals are also released in other continents, which the animal is no longer threatened.

Fantastic skulls of water buffalo, quite legally imported into the Netherlands from various Asian countries. The engraving is done by craftsmen from Myanmar and the Indonesian island of Bali who have made their profession of it and make fantastic carvings. All skulls are introduced in the Netherlands in accordance with CITES regulations. The buffalo is meant to ward off bad energy Temples and houses. It is said that a buffalo brings peace and skulls are also often hung out upstairs and door to keep out evil forces. The water buffalo or buffalo (karbauw) (Bubalus bubalis) is a large bovine. It is the best known and most widespread species of the genus of Asiatic buffalo (Bubalus). The water buffalo has a height of 1.5 to 1.9 meters and a length of 2.40 to 3 meters. The tail is 60 to 100 centimeters long and bristly at the end. He has a gray-black, thin fur with long hair. The lower part of the legs is sometimes off-white down to the knees. Adult animals, however, are almost naked. The skin is dark gray. The Bulls have big horns moon shaped bend backwards. The horns have deep grooves and can span up to two meters. The cows are smaller than the bulls. Also, their horns are smaller. Adult animals can be 300 to 1200 kg in weight; usually the bulls are heavier than the cows, which can weigh up to approximately 800 kg. As a result of the genetic isolation weight varies greatly depending on the area.

Engraving of a Watusi skull