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Very slowly, countries will open again, Morocco will open, and we expect a 40 foot container with Selenite, minerals and fossils next week. We also expect the USA to open again, and there is a whole shipment with Sage ready, and from Indonesia we expect tomorrow a container with outdoor statues and dream catchers! Furthermore, we will receive a container of salt lamps from Pakistan this week. What is also striking is that sea freight has increased by at least 40%!

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4 leaf clover pendant caught in plastic.


4 leaf clover pendant caught in plastic.


4 leaf clover pendant caught in plastic.


because the four-leaf clover still really is a rare "natural miracle" a Chinese plant nursery is managed to exclusively cultivate the four-leaf clover. Very special and top secret !. The company we have seen, but we were not allowed in the nursery.


More information

The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variant of the normal three-leaved Shamrock type, also known as clover. According to tradition, four leaf clovers bring luck to their finders, and is found especially if the clover accidentally. According to legend, each leaf a meaning: The first leaf is for hope, the second for trust, the third for love and the fourth is for luck. Clover may have more than four leaves, the record is discovered by Shigeo Obara 56 petals or Hanamiki Japan, on May 10, 2009. Klavertjes four were in great demand in the distant past.

four-leaf clover

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