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Business holiday 2020: 13-26th july!  Ordering via the webshop is possible and will  be sent on the 28th!

Visiting the showroom is open again monday 27th of july!

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Native Indian Totems also called Medicine Stone -25%

Native Indian Totems also called Medicine Stone -25%


Native Indian Totems also called Medicine Stone -25%


No stickers, but true laser engravings with typical Native Indian Symbolism. In various gemstones like Rose Quartz, Rockcrystal, Amethyst, Jasper Etc.


More information

A totem is a natural or supernatural object, being or animal that has personal symbolic meaning for an individual and with whose phenomena and energy you feel strongly connected. The word totem is of native American origin; The word is derived from the Algonquian word odoodem that "family character" means. When Anishinaabeg from the American Great Lakes example one is born into the clan totem of the father, who is represented by an animal, bird or fish. Totems come not only in America but also in the Siberian peoples whose American Indians are descended. A simplified dramatic example of this belief into practice the Walt Disney film Brother Bear. The film receives a boy from a proto-Inuit tribe totem of the Bear, which represents love. Although he rejects it initially appears at the end of the story he achieved more ideals than anyone thought possible.