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 Note; The showroom will be closed from 25th till June 30th due to the trade fair in France. You can then order via the website, the goods will be sent on July 2nd.Just arrived 4 containers from Brazil (Amethyst / Agate), South Africa (Tumbled Stones), Indonesia (Wood Carvings) & Tibet (Black salt lamps)

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Zanka drum with carrying bag.

Zanka drum with carrying bag.


Zanka drum with carrying bag.


New development on singing bowls are the American Zenka drums that still provide their own sound.


More information

The Zanka Drum resembles the Hopi drum and is a kind of steel drum (also called saucepan or pan) is a musical instrument that originates from Trinidad and Tobago. The instrument is usually played in groups (steel band). A steel drum is made from an oil drum of 55 gallons and is counted among the idiophones. The steel drum is a chromatically tuned percussion instrument. There are now also diatonically tuned steel drums. These beautiful steel tongue drum are very easy to play, comparing it with the most old oil drums that were and are still processed into drums and giving a typical sound. The Steel Drum approaching the sound and reminiscent of distant tropical islands. For young and old to play without much exercise. The happy drum is easy to move and take for example to a concert outdoors and certainly sounds with multiple drums very in tune.