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New: Brazil container (new tea lights, geodes, Agates), Indonesia container (Bumble-bee, Sulfur), Mexico container (Calcites, Fluorite) Vietnam shipment (Porcupines / shells), and further expected: Cactus quartz from Boekenhouthoek / South Africa, Australia container (Mookaite, Tiger iron) and Madagascar container! 5 containers with over 80 tons of rough stones & 2 shipments with 6 tons of stones! Call and come by, or order via the website.

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Wooden frog with the sound of real frog.

Wooden frog with the sound of real frog.


Wooden frog with the sound of real frog.


By going with a stick on the spines of the frog, you get the real sound,of a real frog. Very nice gift item and Fairtrade made in Thailand.

More information

Cute frog rasp, move the stick over the back of the frog (abs / grater) and you hear a nice sound, like a real frog croaks. This is already a very old instrument in Thailand and has its origins in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Depending on the size of the frog, the tone will be heavier and deeper.

In each country the frog sings in his own home language:
Afrikaans: croak-croak
Arabic (Algeria): gar gar
Catalan: cru-cru
Chinese (Mandarin): guo guo
Dutch: quack quack
English (USA): ribbit
English (GB): croak
Finish: Kvak Kvak
French: coa-coa
German: Quaak Quaak
Hebrew: kwa kwa
Hungarian: bre-ke-ke
Italian: cra cra
Japanese: kerokero
Korean: gae-gool-gae-gool
Russian: kva-kva
Spanish (Spain): cru-cru
Spanish (Argentina): berp
Spanish (Peru): Croac, Croac
Swedish: kvack
Thai: ob ob (with high tone)
Turkish: vrak vrak
Ukrainian: kwa-kwa

The wood frog rasp from thailand.

Teak is a wood with a great reputation, which circulate many misunderstandings. Originally teak from Southeast Asia, but the teak tree (Tectona grandis) is now planted widely in the tropics. This means that there are large differences in color, weight, hardness, and so on. The best quality teak is old teak from East Java which was used in the old traditional houses. These homes are often bought purely for the quality of teak wood to produce furniture again from there. This beautiful dark golden brown flamed wood is also called Djati. Confusing is that there are many names circulating in the market that consist of "teak" with a prefix. In part, this teak species from a particular growth area, partly this fantasy names (so for other species). So (West) African teak teak but no Afrormosia, Pericopsis_elata. A very rare and hard solid wood.

Wood Carvings from Thailand and the Far East.