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 Note; The showroom will be closed from 25th till June 30th due to the trade fair in France. You can then order via the website, the goods will be sent on July 2nd.Just arrived 4 containers from Brazil (Amethyst / Agate), South Africa (Tumbled Stones), Indonesia (Wood Carvings) & Tibet (Black salt lamps)

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Small triangle model with perfect tone purity.

Small triangle model with perfect tone purity.


Small triangle model with perfect tone purity.


Great sound and indispensable in any band or orchestra.


More information

The triangle is a metal percussion instrument which belongs to the class of the idiophones (self vowels). The instrument consists of a triangular curved metal rod, and is suspended from the top, excited with a smaller metal rod. This is preferably done on the side opposite to the opening, for the most beautiful sound. The triangle takes just three bell-like, but subtle tones and becomes more under used in an orchestra. Rolls are produced in one of the closed corners by moving the rod back and forth quickly. A triangle appears in different sizes: smaller sound higher than larger ones, although the exact pitch of a triangle (other than those of a kettledrum), the music is irrelevant. The triangle reached Europe in the seventeenth century from Turkey and since the nineteenth century one of the most used percussion instruments in the symphony orchestra.

Kisten to the Triangel.