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Dear relation: The holiday is almost over But in many countries they have continued to work on the new Timmersgems ATUMNN COLLECTION. From August 19 to September 1 our showrooms are packed with new products including 1. Containers from Madagascar with lots of news. 2. from Cebu with shells and lotus lights. 3. from India with HEM Incense. 4. from Brazil with 22 tons of Geodes. 5. from Mexico with black and Andara obsidian. 6. from India with a lot of Silver and 7. from Indonesia with a lot of carvings.

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Singing Bowl cushions (20x20x6cm)

Singing Bowl cushions (20x20x6cm)


Singing Bowl cushions (20x20x6cm)


Beautiful padded cushions with beautiful image of Tibetan Vajra /Dorje. Not cheap but very special.

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