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Note: January 24 through February 2 we are at the fairs in Quartzsite & Tucson / Arizona, USA)

New; White Jade flat stones from Vietnam, Pink Amethyst from Argentina, Red & Black salt lamps, yoga cushion sets, Hopi drums, Shaman drums, 4 containers with new, fresh items! Plus 3 new departments totally rebuilt! Order via the webshop, or call for an appointment.

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Ocean drum 12 inches in diameter handmade

Ocean drum 12 inches in diameter handmade


Ocean drum 12 inches in diameter handmade


Completely handmade and brought to sound. 1 Sided stretch ocean drums inlaid with metal balls which shows the effect of the sound of an ocean / sea!

More information

Ocean Drums are widely used in Sound Meditations. Ocean Drums are all instruments often the most appreciated by the audience. With an ocean drum can mimic the sound of the sea. A small ocean drum giving the effect that you are lying around on the beach, and the greater the more the ocean drum sound gives these. A large ocean drum gives the effect if you take a boat out at sea light. A guided meditation can take you on a journey so that you are walking on a remote beach, while lying in reality a meditation mat on the ground. The same happened when we use sounds during meditation. With an ocean drum, we can really get the feeling of happiness as if we are at the beach or if we have a boat at sea or that we are swimming. They just like the Zaphir and Koshi's a calming effect on children.

Ocean Drums come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you can make them yourself, or buy a homemade. They are often beautiful paints. We sell ocean drums produced in series, but they DO handmade and come from Pakistan. They consist of a wooden frame on which two skins are strained. The drum thus created is filled with tiny balls. And if we leave the skins on balls rolling ruiz creates the sound of the sea. It's very easy to make little or much noise with drums. Simply by moving more or less with the drum.