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Note: January 24 through February 2 we are at the fairs in Quartzsite & Tucson / Arizona, USA)

New; White Jade flat stones from Vietnam, Pink Amethyst from Argentina, Red & Black salt lamps, yoga cushion sets, Hopi drums, Shaman drums, 4 containers with new, fresh items! Plus 3 new departments totally rebuilt! Order via the webshop, or call for an appointment.

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Lure whistle with the sound of a duck (duck imitation)

Lure whistle with the sound of a duck (duck imitation)


Lure whistle with the sound of a duck (duck imitation)


"All the ducks swimming in the water," but with this you can get the duck out of the water imitating the sound of a duck. Nice sound.


50 x 130 mm

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Duck is the common name for several species of birds from the Anatidae family (Anatidae). All types are called "ducks" from the Anatidae, except the species from the subfamily Anserinae, geese and swans. Ducks are mostly aquatic birds, mostly smaller than their relatives the swans and geese, with a shorter neck, and can be found in both fresh and salt water. The tadorninae, including inter alia the shelduck, keep in size somewhere between a goose and a duck. Ducks are sometimes confused with several types of unrelated birds with similar forms, such as loons, grebes, water rails, coots and moorhens. Sometimes with "duck" meant only female ducks. A male duck is called a "drake". A young duck is called piel (there swims a duck with fiddle). In general, boy of chickens and ducks also called "pulletje" or "pulleke". A drake mallard, the most common type, can also be recognized in addition to the color on a few curled feathers on the tail (this is not always visible).