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30th november grape Agate from Indonesia, furthermore received silver jewellery with Seraphinite, Larimar and Charoite, furthermore expected container with Chinese stones, and nice polished smoothstones. Order by webshop, or visit us.

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Kambaba-jasper ("Nebula stone")massager XL from Madagascar


Kambaba-jasper ("Nebula stone")massager XL from Madagascar


Kambaba-jasper ("Nebula stone")massager XL from Madagascar


Hand-cut, and beautifully drawn stone.

Prijs elders

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Kambaba or Nebula stone or Nebulae is black with green circles. It is volcanic in origin and the precise composition has only been known recently and the stone contains 5 minerals. Quartz, Potassium Feldspar, Epidote, Jasper and Aegirien. It is one of the most popular stones of today's Shamans, and the origin of its existence lies in the explosion of a volcanic cloud (Nebula). The stone has many names, so is Kambaba known as Nebula stone, Kambala stone, Cumbala stone and as Kambaba Jasper. Kambaba acts as an overall protector of magical origin, which is said to make the mind and thought free and clear. The stone is found in Mexico and Madagascar and described by local shamans as a cosmic window and perfect meditation stone. In the depths one can literally catch a glimpse of the origin of life on our planet and become a tangible form of the original mud that fed our atmosphere and advanced the creation of all living creatures. The 5 minerals reinforce each other very well.

*Provides powerful energy *Against self-esteem *Cleans the kidneys *Gives psychic balance *Sets you up for new things *Against moisture accumulation *Let you forget the old *Against dehydration.