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67 new gemstone bracelets in 4 & 8 mm, and new 4 mm faceted! Furthermore, 35 new types of flat stone types!On 17th october we will be expecting 730 gemsdragon- and rave-heads

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Golden healer Spheres from Madagascar in nice quality.

Golden healer Spheres from Madagascar in nice quality.


Golden healer Spheres from Madagascar in nice quality.


Golden healer (Lemurian) crystal with Limonite, is a collective name for hematoid quartz, tangerine quartz and honey quartz. beautiful Spheres from Madagascar.


60-120 mm

More information

Golden healer (Lemurian) crystal, is a collective name for hematoïde quartz, quartz and honey tangerine quartz (honingcalciet). Hematoïde crystals owe their unusual colors to natural iron oxide, hematite or hematoïde, inclusions crystal display a red, brown or golden yellow color. The iron particles may be embedded in the crystal, such as quartz hematoïde is the case. In tangerine quartz there is a film or coating of iron oxide on the outside of the crystal present. The particular combination of crystal and hematite (iron oxide) has magnetic properties, so that matters that are no longer needed as to be attracted by a magnet and removed. In the body gives it a powerful healing cardiovascular, immune system, liver, bladder and kidney functions, which waste materials are removed faster. This crystal with a very high vibration is very special and brings the Christ consciousness on Earth. It is tailored to the Flame of Resurrection which has a golden yellow, orange glow. It is a Master Crystal Healer and that brings spiritual abundance and the healing power of quartz brings to another level. It also helps golden crystal healer with psychic anxiety, insomnia and ensures a balanced circulation, the production of red blood cells and a prosperous tissue repair.