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26.10.2020 New Australia-container with new sorts, furthermore expected a full container with Brasilian goods. Furthermore 67 new gemstone bracelets, 35 new types of flat stone types and 730 gemsdragon- and rave-heads. Please order by DHL or visit our showrooms and warehouse.

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Black Moonstone FREE FORM from Bekily, (Telear) Madagascar


Black Moonstone FREE FORM from Bekily, (Telear) Madagascar


Black Moonstone FREE FORM from Bekily, (Telear) Madagascar


Moonstone appeals to many for imagination, and certainly the black and recently discovered greens are really very special. Both are 100% natural !.



More information

Black moonstone is actually an unknown stone, before there was a dark gray version of Moonstone from Sri Lanka and India but a real black one has never been found until 2017. In March 2017 saw some miners accidentally a vein in Ambovombo Madagascar. Immediately the stone was very popular but also very rare. There were only a few hundred kilos found and one assumes that it may be a long time before we again find black Moonstone in this great quality. The stone contains valuable forces and is called the stone of confidentiality and act intuitively. Ideal for deep meditation and to get connected to the earth. Black Moonstone is a Feldspar and the brilliance of the stone reminiscent of the brilliance of the moon. At only a few places are Moonstone can be found, namely in India and Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Black Moonstone is the stone that protected travelers ideally on their journey to far away places.

* Supports pregnancy 
* Good for the pineal gland
* For menstrual problems 
* Provides clarity of mind
* For protection of travelers 
* for a good emotional life
* Provides entrepreneurial spirit 
* Provides emotional balance