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White Jade flat stones from Vietnam, Pink Amethyst from Argentina, Red & Black salt lamps, yoga cushion sets, Hopi drums, Shaman drums, 4 containers with new, fresh items! Plus 3 new departments totally rebuilt! Order via the webshop, or call for an appointment.(Note: January 24 through February 4 we are at the fairs in Quartzsite & Tucson / Arizona, USA)

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Amesite from "Saranovskii mine" Permskaya Oblast, Urals, Russia


Amesite from "Saranovskii mine" Permskaya Oblast, Urals, Russia


Amesite from "Saranovskii mine" Permskaya Oblast, Urals, Russia


We sometimes come across special stones from Russia and Kazakhstan! Really nice stones that are only found in one place.




More information

Amesite is a mineral with general formula of Mg2Al2SiO5(OH)4. Amesite crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system. It contains three axes of unequal length, not at right angles. It was first described in 1876 for an occurrence in the Chester Emery Mines, Chester, Hampden County, Massachusetts. It was named for mine owner James Ames. It occurs in an environment of low-grade metamorphism affecting rocks with high aluminium and magnesium content. It occurs associated with vesuvianite, chlorite, magnetite, rutile, diaspore, grossular, calcite, diopside and clinozoisite in various locations. Amesite is an uncommon silicate mineral which has been reported from a variety of locations worldwide. Amesite has the first reported natural occurrence of the 6R polytype for a trioctahedral 1:1 layer silicate.