Gemstone moon phases in real Yooperlite (c). (incl. FREE UV-LIGHT)

Gemstone moon phases in real Yooperlite (c). (incl. FREE UV-LIGHT)

Moon phases of gemstone in real Tiger Eye.

Very beautiful and high-quality finish, the moon phases on wooden board.
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Moon phases The moon the moon the moon is round... ...he has two eyes a nose and a mouth. It is a nursery rhyme and indicates that the moon from Earth looks somewhat like a face. But that face is not always easy to see. Why does the moon change? The moon itself gives no light. The moon only reflects light from the sun. The moon revolves around the earth in 29.5 days. That is why we do not always see that part of the moon that is completely illuminated by the sun. We see the moon in different positions. We call these positions: • new moon • first quarter • full moon • last quarter At new moon we hardly see the moon. We then only see the part of the moon that is not illuminated by the sun and therefore it is a dark sphere. At the first quarter of an hour we just see a small crescent moon. A small part of the visible side of the moon is therefore illuminated by the sun, the rest is not. At full moon we see the entire part of the moon that is illuminated by the sun. So it is a nice round yellow-white ball. At the last quarter we see a small crescent moon before the moon becomes completely dark again during the new moon.

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