Hand-painted Easter bunny

Hand-painted Easter bunny

Kaleidoscope (large) also called

Kaleidoscope (large) also called "stargazer" with beautiful effects.

Kaleidoscope (small) also called "stargazer" with beautiful effects.

Who doesn't know them from their youth! An article of all times, especially children love it, but don't forget the elderly too, because it is always exciting what you can see in the spotlight. "are supplied assorted"
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Kaleidoscope (small) also called "stargazer" with beautiful effects. is available to buy in increments of 5

A kaleidoscope is a mirrored polygonal tube or tube that contains a compartment with colored beads or other colored objects at one end. This compartment is closed on the inside with transparent material and on the outside with transparent material. The other end of the tube contains a viewing opening. Two mirrors, usually at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to each other, run at a slight angle with respect to the axis of the sleeve along its entire length in the longitudinal direction. The end with the compartment faces the light. The user looks into it from one side and the light from the other side provides reflections in the mirrors. These reflections create a beautifully experienced, symmetrical mandala-like pattern, which can then change by shaking the tube. The word "kaleidoscope" comes from Ancient Greek καλός (kalos), "beautiful" + εἶδος (eidos), "form, shape" + σκοπεῖν (skopein), "look". The abolished alternative spelling was kaleidoscope. Quite a few art and cultural institutions in Flanders bear the name 'Kaleidoscope'.

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Dimensions 200mm - 40mm dia.
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