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Hartenset with string

Hartenset with string

Buddha bags- / keychains

TG design from 2016 Very much sold. Pretty heavy & solid Buddha pendant (normally already more than € 6.90 without any other embellishments.
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Buddha bags- / keychains is available to buy in increments of 3

Buddhism in Thailand is the main religion of the country. In 2011 depended 94.6% of the 66.7 million Inhabitants of the religion. The main flow in the country is formed by the theravadaboeddhisme. Archaeological evidence shows That Buddhism in Myanmar in about the 6th century n.Chr.naar Thailand can be delivered Possible Buddhism was already present in Thailand, or-which this at the earliest in the year 228 BC. leg by Uttar Sthavira, one of the sons of the Indian King Asoka, an Indian ruler in the 3rd century BC. and great promoter and protector of Buddhism. The flow between the 8th and 13th centuries was the most common in Thailand, it was hinayanaboeddhisme. Then spread it theravadaboeddhisme hands of the former kings of Thailand. This influence was Mainly due to the contacts That Existed At That time with Ceylonese Buddhists. In 1851 Rama IV succeeded his deceased brother Rama III. Rama IV was a Buddhist monk When He ascended the throne and he constantly reformed his reign Buddhism in the country to form as early 21st century still Practiced. He did this by stimulating the Dhammayut That school attaches great Importance to the rules of the Vinaya. He was succeeded by Rama V who was ook een active advocate of Buddhism. So he cast a Pali Canon in early 21st century is Considered one of the most important and most complete of its kind. A later reform ensured That the king was in charge of the whole Sangha in Thailand.

Carving out a big Buddha in Thailand and a minor in Myanmar.

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