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We received 7200 gemstone hearts, 27,000 drilled gemstone pendants, 1200 Fluorite tealight holders and 180 kilos of flat stones this week, and expected further for our summer break (NOTE: SUMMER HOLIDAY CLOSED 13 TO 28 JULY) 2 containers with Indonesia goods (container with wood / bronze / dream catchers and another container with rough and cut stones)

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SALE 2020: Christopher Keychain (our best selling keychains 2020)

SALE 2020: Christopher Keychain (our best selling keychains 2020)


SALE 2020: Christopher Keychain (our best selling keychains 2020)


The Saint Christopher keychain Widely regarded as the patron saint of many millions of motorists.



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Christopher and Christopher (Latin: Christopher; Greek: Χριστόφορος, "Christ-bearer") is a saint in the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches. Christopher is considered an important saint who was revered in many countries and periods and. His feast day is July 24 (before the Second Vatican Council was his name day on July 25, but because that is also the feast day of the Apostle James, St. Christopher was moved a day). The Orthodox Church is his feast day on 9 May. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, he was often depicted as a giant with a dog's head. In medieval gold Christopher is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers or Emergency Helpers, which could also be called as a group are in an emergency. He would protect against plague and against "unforeseen death, ie death without receiving the last sacraments. were due to the low life expectancy of the Middle Ages (folk) pictures and images of the bearer of Christ in the late Middle Ages can be found everywhere, on market places, in homes and in churches. One of these prints (called Buxheimer Christopher Manchester) also bears the inscription 'Christofori faciem which quacumque tueris Illa nempe which morte male non morieris' (=' Which day you will behold the face of Christopher, you shall on that day surely die no evil death).