Rockcrystal Shamballa Bracelet (Excellence Arkansas - rockcrystal from America

Rockcrystal Shamballa Bracelet (Excellence Arkansas - rockcrystal from America

Rose Quartz Shamballa Bracelet (Topquality Madagascar - Rose Quartz)

Rose Quartz Shamballa Bracelet (Topquality Madagascar - Rose Quartz)

Hematite Shamballa Bracelet (Beautiful Brazilian Hematite)

Shamballa - bracelets with real hand cut gemstone spheres and hand placed Zirconia - These bracelets remain immensely popular. Without a doubt, this piece of jewelry sold to many popular stars on the Dutch and Flemish Radio & TV
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Hematite Shamballa Bracelet (Beautiful Brazilian Hematite) is available to buy in increments of 1

Shambhala, also spelled Shambala or Shamballa is a mythical kingdom. In the texts that are connected to the Kalachakra Tantra it is situated north of the Himalayas. Usually this is then associated with Tibet. In bönreligie is also talk of a mythical kingdom called Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring where the founder of that religion would have prevailed over Tonpa Shenrab. In the Shambhala tradition is a country dedicated to the implementation of the Kalachakra Tantra. Is mentioned in the tantra, the historical Buddha would have entrusted it to the king of the country. Shambhala has the shape of a massive lotus flower. There are vast sandalwood forests, lakes that are also in the shape of a lotus and surrounded by a chain of mountains. In the middle of the kingdom is the capital Kalapa. In the center of town is the mandala of the Buddha Kalachakra. The inhabitants of the total to 960 million villages of Shambhala ruled by Kalkin, an extraordinarily wise driver. The laity in Shambhala are all wonderful people and healthy; there is no disease and poverty. The monks themselves in an exemplary way to their promises and obligations. They are intelligent, devoted entirely to the practice of Vajrayana, though all authentic forms of Indian Buddhism to be maintained there. The majority of people reached reborn in Shambhala during their lifetime Buddhahood there. But there is a threat of serious difficulties. In the year 2425, the barbarians are (generally identified as Muslims) who try have destroyed Buddhism in India to invade Shambhala. The twenty-fifth Kalkin, Raudracakrin, armies will lead to India where they will fight the forces of evil in an apocalyptic battle that will be won by the forces of Buddhism. This victory will result in a golden period in which the life expectancy of people will increase significantly, can be harvested without editing the land and people of the whole earth will be devoted to Buddhism. Shamballa bracelet represents the power of the old Shamballa and protects against disease and give happiness and prosperity. This is reinforced by the strength of the particular gemstone in a particular area.

Against sadness and nostalgia, gives spiritual insight.

Rose Quartz:
Against homesickness, promotes love and creatively.

For depression. Purifies the entire body.

Makes diligently. Helps with fatigue.

Protects against misfortune, helps to solve not processed emotions.

Brings life back into balance.

Hematite (from Greek: αιμία, Haima, blood) is a mineral that consists primarily of ferric oxide crystals (iron (III) oxide, Fe2O3), one of the iron oxides. It comes in addition to other varieties like the red blood stone and gray-black to black gloss iron and iron oxide. The mineral has a hardness between 5 and 6. The so-called stripe, stripe or color, the color issuing the mineral to rub on an unglazed porcelain dish, usually a characteristic blood-red - the mineral it takes its name. It may contain trace amounts of magnesium, manganese and titanium mineral. Hematite comes both before and going as mineral in sedimentary layers. It is often the cause of reddening of many rocks. Along with hematite are common for other iron ores such as magnetite, limonite and ijzerspaat. If magnetite is converted to hematite is called martiet. The mineral occurs worldwide, in Europe, in Germany, among others in the area of ​​the Lahn which is the world's largest concentration of iron ores in the Eifel Mountains, the Harz Mountains and the Thuringian Forest. Furthermore, in England in Cumberland and North Lancashire, in Belgium in Vezin and Namur, on the Italian island of Elba and in Spain. In Africa, Algeria is a significant producer and in the United States of America it is found at the Upper Lake and at the Missouri. More than half of world production currently comes from China, Brazil and Australia. In addition, the mineral is also in high concentration on the surface of the planet Mars. This creates the typical orange-red color of the "Red Planet". Hematite exists in a pure state of 70% iron and is the main iron ore. Due to the high temperature recovered to let react with carbon is iron. In addition, hematite is used as a polishing agent, and because of the high reflectance for a long time as a mirror. The red color and the fact that hematite is non-toxic, making it very suitable as a mineral pigment. Already in the Stone Age it was used for petroglyphs and body paintings. Artists use pressed pins of hematite for drawings and sketches. Such markers are soft and good colors. Red bolus, a strong clay-containing hematite species, is widely used as a primer to gild. If hematite pigment is suitable for painting ceramics and dyeing of yarns for carpets.

Gemstone therapy Hematite (Dutch)


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