Dragons head /

Dragons head / "Dragon Skull" Large (60 mm)

Angel - pendant hand-cut NOWHERE CHEAPER (about 25 mm).

Angel - pendant hand-cut NOWHERE CHEAPER (about 25 mm).

12 Dragons skulls format 40 mm medium THEY ARE BACK!

Finally again in stock the medium dragon heads. Very beautiful carvings. While it has become one euro more expensive than in 2018, but the engraving and the stones are much more beautiful than ever before!
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12 Dragons skulls format 40 mm medium THEY ARE BACK! is available to buy in increments of 12

Dragon skulls have a very different vibration frequency and energy than the skulls that have the shape of a human head. Not everyone will and can work with the energy of the dragon. The Dragons work with the deepest emotions and the intensity of your own energy you feel you want it to be connected. Those who, instead of from their hearts, from their head life, will not work with the dragon energy. The dragon is strongly linked to the four elements; fire, earth, air and water, associated with the fifth element of Ether or Akash (life force). Dragons do not exist in real life, but still as a spiritual being. Once they have been physically present and in our deepest knowledge lies our memory of how they look / see. Dragons come in many different forms and many colors. The dragon has always been holding the energy that we had lost humanity. Now the earth and we humans in a higher frequency have ended, there are major changes in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual area. The energy of the dragon has again become available to us. The dragon touches your soul at the deepest level, allowing you to grow and develop and to be who you really are on earth. The Dragons energy supports us tremendously in there. The spotless what can be purified and kindles fire where it is extinguished. Drake Energy is a transforming, loving energy. She breaks down in a loving but effective way open some tight and makes your heart again receptive to receive. Drake Energy as the energy from the source and for all. Only you can only receive the dragon energy when you're ready. When you are ready to everything, and I mean to see everything here and face them to want and dare to go. Dragons energy is given by the four elements - like fire; it purifies, burned, took hold and brutally. It goes to the core and cleanses all that is necessary and places it in the brightest light. Everything will become clear and bright for je.- as earth; the ground and you put down what needs to be put down. Full strength and fully in connection with the earth. - Like water; let loving energy flow like water, making your thirst quenched and you refreshed. - As air; The powerful energy of the Dragon is always there and you can always make use of, as well as from the air.

The mysterie of the skulls

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Dimensions 40
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