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Newly arrived; aroma diffusers collection 2021, fountains, silver jewelry with Larimar, Serafinite, Charoite and much more. Order via the website or call for an appointment. Timmersgems will soon have a new improved website! You must re-enter your details once. For privacy reasons, we are not allowed to take over your current data. Of course our address remains:


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INTRODUCTION SET with 25 cut and laser engraved Selenite objects.

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INTRODUCTION SET with 25 cut and laser engraved Selenite objects.


INTRODUCTION SET with 25 cut and laser engraved Selenite objects.


Selenite (Angel stone) remains popular, and so we have invested in 3 large laser engraving machines in collaboration with our Moroccan grinder. In addition to employment, this also gives you a nice product in your store / webshop.



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Real chargers made of pure white Selenite that are carved by hand and provided with beautiful symbols. These coasters are very suitable to charge your food and drinks with very powerful (angel) energy, but you can also charge your gems so that they get a reset, as it were, and are ready for their healing effect at the next session. Selenite is a new time stone that has come to help people ground angel energy in personality. The selenite has the quality to show your power of universal love and gives a wonderful sense of unity. Ensures that you experience peace and only want the good. A cloud of angel energy and angel vibrations. Selenite has a particularly soft appearance that has a calming effect. A good aura healer: removes negative energy from the aura. Selenite is also very good for purifying a space, it is clarifying, provides insight and awareness. Selenite stimulates clairvoyant, telepathic and empathic abilities, provides insights and contact with your guides. Selenite creates a peaceful space, stops bad influences. Spiritually, it clears up confusion, provides clear insights and it helps to perceive underlying images. Selenite, the stone with angelic vibrations is becoming more and more rare. Our fantastic Selenite products from Morocco are of a great beauty and are valued by many.

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