Ti-soap Himalayan natural Soapnuts NOW WITH 35% DISCOUNT!

Ti-soap Himalayan natural Soapnuts NOW WITH 35% DISCOUNT!

Tiger shell Mexico ao to be used for

Tiger shell Mexico ao to be used for "sage or cedar smudge" 50% OFF

Birmese theater trekpop rond 1950-1960

"Oud-gebruikt & doorleefd" zo laten zich deze prachtige interieurstukken zich noemen! Momenteel slechts een paar stuks voorradig, dus wees er snel bij.......
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Birmese theater trekpop rond 1950-1960 is available to buy in increments of 1

Myanmar or Burma (officially Republic of the Union of Myanmar) is a country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is bordered to the northwest of Bangladesh and northeast India, northern China, and to the east by Laos and Thailand. In the southwest, it has a long coastline on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea (part of the Indian Ocean). The capital has since November 7, 2005 officially the central Naypyidaw (near Pyinmana), although the move on that date it began. The old capital of Rangoon (Yangon), the largest city in the country, by including Belgium, the European Union and the United States still considered capital. The Netherlands recognizes the new capital. In 1824 the current Myanmar as a colony was annexed by the British Empire under the name Burma (Dutch spelling: Burma). When the country became independent in 1948 was the first to use this name in international traffic. The name in the Myanmarees was all that time already written Myanma.svg (myanma). In 1989 indicated the then military government that the country would henceforth call internationally Myanmar. Governments and political groups that were opposed to the military government, like the United States and domestic dissidents, accept this 'Change' is not. Also, some media and use many western countries recently returned to the old name Burma. The United Nations has the change on the other hand accepted. The name Myanmar is Myanma Naingngandaw, a local name for the land that was used in the 12th century and refers to the Myanmah, an ethnic group. The designation Burma has been taken over by the British and the Portuguese is a corruption of Bamar, an alternate spelling of the aforementioned ethnic group. The Burmese is ruling the m and b close together, the r is pronounced rarely, and is the one sometimes stupid. The local ruling Myanmar and Burma is hence they are very together and in Burmese therefore written both in the same way: Myanma.svg. Only transcripts to another alphabet (as the Latin alphabet), there are different spellings of the same word. The population of Myanmar consists of many ethnic groups, including: Bamar (68%), Shan (9%), Karen (6%), Rakhine (5%), Chinese Birmese (3%), Mon (2%) and the Kachin (1%). A census was conducted between March 30 and April 10 2014 with the help of the United Nations. The number of Myanmarezen was set at 51.42 million. An earlier was wrongly estimated sixty million, based on extrapolations of the previous census, in 1983..


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