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New: Pink Amethyst from Patagonia in Argentina, Amethyst small groups from Uruguay, 17 new tumbled stones from Brazil, New books from the U.S.A., Bronze from Thailand, Bumblebee from Indonesia, Rock crystal lights from Arkansas in the U.S.A. and Azeztulite tea lights from the U.S.A .. Order or call for an appointment, but only if you are not sick and keep a distance of 1.5 meters!

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Dragons Blood (BLUE) Incense 6 pack HEM 20 grams hexagonal package.

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Dragons Blood (BLUE) Incense 6 pack HEM 20 grams hexagonal package.


Dragons Blood (BLUE) Incense 6 pack HEM 20 grams hexagonal package.


Europe's most-sold incense from HEM in more than 250 species back at Timmersgems. Now an even larger and absolutely safe collection.


6 x 20 gram


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Powerful and protective, Dragon's Blood is used to increase the power of another scent and to add power to any spell or ritual. Dragon's blood dispels evil influences, removes witches and is also good for relocation and love spells.

HEM incense: The Essence of India. The use of incense sticks is a tradition in India since time immemorial. Both at the time of Gautama Buddha in ancient India but also during the period of Mahatma Gandhi in modern India, both have sought to bring harmony and peace in a multicultural world. With Him Corporation, the aim is to sell genuine handmade Indian incense all over the world, in a variety of scents that blend with each culture and tradition. therefore we aspire to spread the message of love and harmony. Hem incense is available in the form of fragrant masala incense sticks, agarbatti, dhoops and cones. These help in your prayers, meditation, yoga and the pleasant making your environment. Hem incense makes your environment aromatic and pleasant, and thus contribute to peace and tranquility. One of the leading manufacturers and exporters incense Him Corporation, headquartered in Mumbai, India. Hem Corporation sells incense worldwide to wholesalers. Timmersgems for many years a steady partner for sales in Europe.

We introduce more than 250 beautiful smells in our HIM Incense collection. Enjoy a moment of relaxation, let your mind wander and your body relax. Thanks to a fantastic alternative to scented candles, incense sticks fill your home with a heavenly atmosphere that envelops your senses in pure, organic bliss. HEM incense sticks are well known for their high quality and an extraordinary range of fragrances. They cherish the art of creating new fragrances and that's a family secret that has been handed down from generation to generation, thereby improving the quality and the purity of each product is guaranteed. High quality, natural incense directly from the best artisans in India. HEM incense reaches and moves the soul. Clearheaded people who liked the simple things in this series will enjoy scents that stand up by the simplicity and clarity in their fragrance pattern.

Each box of incense is presented in a beautiful carton, ideal for gifts and practical to take anywhere. Each pack contains 20 premium incense sticks.