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37 kilos of silver jewelery from Jaipur in India, 17 new tumbled stones from South Africa, Blue Aragonite angels from Argentina, 11 new flat stones, 4300 kg Calcites from Mexico, Pink Calcite in boxes, Rainbow Obsidian hearts, spheres etc. 5 Cargoes arrived with a lot news! We expect containers from Morocco & Brazil next week. The webshop is open and our wholesaler remains open BY APPOINTMENT! What is unfortunately not a nice development are the freight rates that are actually up to 5 times higher than normal! 

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Incense Burners (Waterfall Buddha) suitable for Back Flow waterfall incense. Assortment 4-6 model

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Incense Burners (Waterfall Buddha) suitable for Back Flow waterfall incense. Assortment 4-6 model


Incense Burners (Waterfall Buddha) suitable for Back Flow waterfall incense. Assortment 4-6 model


Beautiful incense burners for waterfall (back flow) cones. You will need these special burners at the relevant cones. Due to the great quality, we recommend the Goloka cones.

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Incense burners to burn specially developed incense cones. The smoke from the cone flows slowly from top to bottom and fills the container underneath to cause a foggy effect. Lovely to stare at and unwind. It most closely resembles the mist produced by an aroma diffuser, the mist remains in the reservoir for a long time and forms a beautiful spectacle to watch. Generally speaking, the cones burned for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the air flow in your home and the type of incense or burner. Our incense burner in waterfall (or other model) provides a relaxed atmosphere and displays unique cascading smoke. Every incense burner can be used with our backflow fully natural Goloka incense cones. Keep your daily tensions low with our high-quality incense and this enchanting smokey incense burner. Goloka is a delicious 100% natural incense, handmade in India. The Goloka has a soft, not too heavy, sweet, spicy aroma. The use of various natural herbs makes it a special delicious scent. Depending on the chosen Goloka fragrance, there is always a typical natural Indian fragrance with a fantastic base. These Back Flow cones are specially made for incense burners that support these. By using these cones, the smoke will flow like a waterfall and create fantastic effects in your incense burner. Goloka is best known for their Nag Chamapas and the orange packaging Nag Champa. These cones are in no way inferior to the best scents.