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Herkimer Diamonds from the state New York USA

Herkimer Diamonds from the state New York USA


Herkimer Diamonds from the state New York USA


The world's finest herkimers come from America and have a brilliance and transparency like no other "Rock Crystal Double points" are.



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The Herkimer Diamond is difficult to obtain, rare quartz crystal kind and is among the group of angels stones. Herkimer Diamond, also spelled "Herkimer, is a diamond type which has similar properties as Rhinestone but a great powerful. Herkimer (found in Herkimer, New York) provides energy and promotes creativity. It is a powerful crystal to align with it, especially the small, clear variant. It stimulates mental abilities such as clairvoyance and stimulates the memory and understanding of dreams. Herkimer facilitates liberation and transformation, bringing the goal of the soul upwards. Besides all this, he possesses strong character qualities that the higher energy can be easily integrated into the (light) body and daily life. Herkimer is also known for its powerful effect against (electromagnetic) radiation so it protects you from the negative effects of cellular phones, PC`s and cell towers.

Herkimer diamonds