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Herbal stamp (large size) "Thailand's best-selling herbal stamp for massage"

Herbal stamp (large size) "Thailand's best-selling herbal stamp for massage"


Herbal stamp (large size) "Thailand's best-selling herbal stamp for massage"


Recently we read a study that shows that Europeans are very fond of herbal stamp massage besides yoga, and also with the real traditional Thai herbs.



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The original recipe with 16 ingredients. The composition of the herbs is the traditional recipe of the Wat Po temple in Bangkok. Manufactured in Chiang Mai, these stamps come with an overhead certificate of authenticity. The special blend of herbs helps to relax muscles and joints, promote blood circulation and repair and rejuvenate the skin. This recipe and your treatment will make your clients feel good or in Thai Sabai Sabai. This stamp is suitable for heat and cold treatment and is ideal for relaxing sore and sensitive muscles through the refreshing and beneficial ingredients. These powerful ingredients like basil, lime, camphor etc. are used in remote places in Thailand to relieve all kinds of pain. The massage stamp is developed and made by local Thai using local herbs. It relaxes muscles and joints, relieves pain and muscle cramps and promotes blood circulation.

Achieve the perfect feeling Sabai Sabai. Massage with the Thai herbal stamps, also called compress or Luk Pra Kob, gives the feeling of Sabai Sabai, the perfect feeling.

Recommended Use Method A: (Recommended) Steam the stamp for 10-15 minutes. Gently stamp on the body paying attention to the sore and sensitive areas. Method B: Immerse the stamp in a container of water, then heat the entire stamp for 2-3– in the microwave and the stamp is ready for use. Always use 2 of the same stamps during the massage, and keep the stamps in the refrigerator after the massage. You can reuse them until the odor starts to subside. First test the temperature of the stamp before using it on someone else's skin !! If the stamp is too hot, it can burn the skin and cause blisters. Have fun with the Thai Luk Pra Kob.