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Sea container from Peru with Pyrite, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Mangano Calcite, Pink Andesopal and so on. Another 2000 kilos of Paua shells from New Zealand, 13 tons of Black Tourmaline from Orissa / India, 1100 lasered Selenite plates (Ohm, Flower of Life & Tree of Life) 27,000 bundles of Sage / 300 kilos of loose sage and a full salt container! Order via the website, or call for an appointment. The coffee is ready!

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Grape agate free form “Beautifully crystallized” from Barat, Sulawesi - Indonesia.

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Grape agate free form “Beautifully crystallized” from Barat, Sulawesi - Indonesia.


Grape agate free form “Beautifully crystallized” from Barat, Sulawesi - Indonesia.


Beautiful craftsmanship where the best is made of the stone, completely hand cut. This Agate is uniquely constructed from Chalcedony spheres and varying in color from gray, green to purple.


35-50 mm

Prijs elders

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In a very specific place on earth, namely the city Barat in West Sulawesi on Indonesia was made a great discovery in the autumn of 2016. A very nice kind Agate (From light grey to purple) covered with many scoops Chalcedony. The mineral world was right on his head and soon there were many positive stories to hear. The first thing to notice is the deep vibration that emanates from the stone, a vibration that brings peace and brings you back into balance with your environment and with others. The stone bringing you into deep meditation. The positive vibrations work as hot water on the snow of negativity and gloom and resolve them quickly. The stone is full of energy and combines the best of agate and chalcedony. The stone is perfectly suited for new age children who feel a greater commitment here with the powers from above. Shamans also feel their bond strengthened with nature.

* Against negativity and gloom
* Will make you mentally stable 
* Bring children to rest 
* Gives inner peace and rest 
* Makes you communicate again 
* Promotes speak from the heart 
* Good for all internal organs 
* Let stress and anxiety disappear