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New this week; Sage from USA, saltlamps from Pakistan and dreamcatchers from Indonesia. Very slowly, countries will open again, Morocco will open, and we expect a 40 foot container with Selenite, minerals and fossils next week. 

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Glass sphere for fortunetellers also Quartz sphere called 100-110 mm with free wooden foot.

Glass sphere for fortunetellers also Quartz sphere called 100-110 mm with free wooden foot.


Glass sphere for fortunetellers also Quartz sphere called 100-110 mm with free wooden foot.


Our Quartz Spheres are made of real quartz (SiO2) from Neroika -Dodo / Ural Mountains in Russia and are polished in China. Supplied in beautiful red velvet-lined box.


100 - 110mm

More information

Quartz is a form of silicon dioxide, SiO2, and is one of the most common minerals of the earth's crust. It represents more than 12% of the volume of the crust of the earth (inter alia, in granite, sand). Quartz has two modifications: α-quartz is trigonal, β-quartz (a high-temperature form) is hexagonal. In addition, silicon dioxide is still in many other structures such as α- and β-cristobalite, keatiet, tridymite, coesite, stishovite, melangoflogiet and lechatelieriet. Although quartz is composed of silicon dioxide, it is often considered to be the tectosilicates. The reason for this is that quartz is a network of SiO4 tetrahedra. In which each oxygen atom is shared between two silicon atoms. Individual SiO2 molecules come only with gaseous silicon dioxide for. Quartz may be of high purity, such as rock crystal, but often contains impurities. These impurities can include ions, which are incorporated during growth of the crystal in the crystal lattice. Quartz crystals can contain between 13 and 15,000 ppm Al3 +, of between 9 and 1400 ppm of Na +, is between 3 and 300 ppm of K + and traces Fe3 +, Ti4 +, P5 +, H +, and Li +. The aluminum and iron in combination with ionizing radiation are responsible for the color of a quarter of a number of varieties. Further, quartz crystals grow on other minerals, such as at around Rutilated quartzis the case. Quartz crystals can form both large and form microscopic aggregates. The largest quartz crystals occur in Lost Farm in Namibia. Quartz crystals up to 20 meters, and possibly 50 meters, and up to 2 meters dolomietkristallen come here for. When quartz is melted, it forms a glass when cooled rapidly, many times, because the crystallization process takes quite a lot of time. Quartz is a piezoelectric material, and the vibrations which can induce in the lattice of the crystal are used in electronic equipment such as quartz clocks and radios.

Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation through a standardized process or ritual. While these rituals in some societies can have a say where religious and regulating function in all cultures as well as means of power or for commercial gain are used. Fortune tellers claim to the advice they give to someone signs, events or omens to be able to "read" or be in contact with purported supernatural powers. The oldest known form of divination is probably geomancy, and undoubtedly the most complex system in western astrology. Methods one uses, some of which have a long tradition: astrology: the interpretation of the movement of celestial bodies to predict events on earth; Other methods such as character analysis, graphology, physiognomy and phrenology (now completely abandoned theory) and palm reading; numerology; the use of resources such as playing cards or tarot, tea leaves, a crystal or glass ball, dice, fire, water and discarded salt; scapulomantie: prediction method using shoulder blades, including the shamans in Mongolia and at the Oebychen and pees romanticists (using belly turtle shells); For predicting the future (precognition), the soothsayer often uses props, such as Tarot cards, Hand lines, the position of the "stars" in the year of birth (horoscopes) Coffee grounds, tea leaves, a glass or crystal ball, In China frequently used Taoist symbolism (see also: I Ching), one in Russia dripping molten lead, tin or beeswax in water, the intestines of animals.