Jasper breccia spheres from Zimbabwe

Jasper breccia spheres from Zimbabwe

Rose quartz spheres  from Ambatondrazaka (Tamatave) Madagascar

Rose quartz spheres from Ambatondrazaka (Tamatave) Madagascar

Rhodonite spheres in 70-130 mm originating from Madagascar.

Hand Polished spheres between 70-130 mm Popular stone with sphere and mineral collector.
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Rhodonite spheres in 70-130 mm originating from Madagascar. is available to buy in increments of 2

The mineral rhodoniet is a manganese-iron-magnesium-calcium-silicate with the chemical formula (Mn2 +, Fe2 +, Mg, Ca) SiO3. The mineral belongs to the inosilicaten. The name of the mineral rhodoniet is derived from the Greek rhodon that "pink" means. It has a red base color containing black dendritic inclusions of manganese (IV) oxide. Transparent varieties are very rare. Traditionally is attributed rhodoniet magical powers. They turned it into ornaments, vases and sarcophagi. In the 16th century was considered rhodonite stone of happiness and joy, he cheered the heart, fortified the mind, reinforced the sense of honor, and improved memory. Rhodonite is found in Alaska, Canada, Brazil (Ouro Preto and Minas Gerais) and Mexico. Very fine crystals are from Peru (Huanzala). In Australia are transparent to Broken Hill, up to 10 cm large crystals found that form the raw material for faceted stones and bad one carat roads. Other occurrences are in Japan (Honshu), Indonesia and India. Tanzania (Mwembe), Madagascar, South Africa and Algeria deliver beautiful red crystals. Key deposits in Russia since the 18th century mined. Well known are the deposits in the Urals, where rhodonite crystals preventing 40 tons. In Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine there are smaller sites. In very small numbers come rhodonietedelstenen also in Sweden (Pajsberg and Langban), Spain, to some extent in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania and France. Ornamental objects of rhodoniet are today proud of numerous museums and treasuries.

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