Red coral from the Mediterranean to Italy

Red coral from the Mediterranean to Italy

Blue Pearl Rainbow tumbled stone from India

Blue Pearl Rainbow tumbled stone from India

Himalaya Gold Azeztulite Spheres

Polished spheres between 500-700 grams per sphere. Beautiful yellow mineral, according to experts with a lot of positive energy
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Himalaya Gold Azeztulite Spheres is available to buy in increments of 500
What Azeztulite is:
Azeztulite is a variety of quartz in white, yellow, rose, red  and sometimes even purple. It has a quite nice vibration... 
and it is said to be connecting those who use it to beings in other dimensions. This white stone has been named after a group of interdimensional beings called 'the Azez', 
The people who discovered this stone said they made contact with these beings and brought information about it to the attention of the world.

It is said to have an unusual vibration, believed to be caused by the changes made to the stone, by these beings of extra-terrestrial origin... 
and many people find its side effects a little unpleasant at first.

Where Does White Azeztulite Come From: 
This crystal is a type of white or opaque quartz has been found in North Carolina and it is also said to be the same stone as a 
white quartz found Vermont in the USA... and there now seems to be new colored varieties.

What does it mean:
The name Azez means 'Nameless Light'... and the embodiment of this light is the Great Central Sun. 
They said this stone carries the manifest energy of the Great Central Sun... and the purpose of the stone was to anchor 
this light onto our planet... to help bring many changes to the planet. This would make this a very powerful stone for New Age Children.

Can it help your health:

This stone can help with spine problems, en it can give lots of new energy


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