"Da Vinci" angel by Bernini (approx. 60 mm)

Set with 4 genuine gemstone hearts & chain

Set with 4 genuine gemstone hearts & chain

EMA eggs or Dragon Eyes or visionary stones

Beautiful EMA eggs in Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz from Brazil, for 36 years in our range and with some retailers a great article
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EMA eggs or Dragon Eyes or visionary stones is available to buy in increments of 2

Ema eggs used to be found in the South of Brazil in the Ema river, in and around the river. One side is rough and the other side is polished by the river, they look like they have been dipped in powdered sugar, if frozen / icy round or oval shapes, also have some way of Turkish fruit. However, one side is polished, with a kind of glass to the outside (hence they are called Window quartz or Dream Crystal) Ema Eggs we have three types of gem: Rose Quartz - promotes gentleness and symbolizes love. Rock crystal - clean energy and human space and Amethyst - ensures peace and ontspanning.Plaats the stones in a triangle in the living bedroom or office and create harmony or carry the stones individually with you. To the Ema eggs are also used in meditation, gaining understanding and predicting the future.

Extra reinforcement points by gemstone type:
Amethyst: Help anxiousness to let go. Gives spiritual insight.
Rose Quartz: Strengthening the love and finding great fortune.}
Rhinestone: Additional purification of space, makes more accessible the mind.
EMA eggs can easily be used together with the positive qualities of the stone are mutually reinforcing.

EMA Eggs

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