Apophillite  crystals from India

Apophillite crystals from India

20 kilo of Zeolites from India

20 kilo of Zeolites from India

Petrified Fern in wood native to Arizona in the United States

Recently we found a small lot of about 120 kilo Fern Wood at our location Oss North. This rare variety Petrified wood was wrapped in Brazilian newspapers from 1986, which says something about the antiquity of the stock.
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Petrified Fern in wood native to Arizona in the United States is available to buy in increments of 10

Petrified wood.

Petrified wood, is a sort of fossil: it consists of fossil wood, in which all organic materials are replaced by minerals (usually silicates, such as quartz), 
with maintenance of the structure of the wood. The process of turning into stone is happening under the ground, when a tree becomes buried under sediment, 
and can take millions of years. Groundwater that seeps slowly through the soil, turn minerals where the lignin and cellulose rot. If the deposition and rot as quickly, 
the form of the cells. The smallest details can be immortalized.  Fossilized annual rings and different tissues can be traced to a microscopic level. 
Petrified wood has a hardness of 7 on the  Mohs hardness scale, the same as quartz. The process of turning into stone is now in a laboratory minimized until a few days.
Petrified wood has a wide spectrum of colors by variation in the deposits of minerals as manganese, iron and copper. Quartz is colorless, but when iron is added, 
crystals with a red or yellow haze occur.
Petrified Wood from Timmersgems comes from: 
Brazil, where the most beautiful fern wood in fossilized form appears. 
Indonesia with nice rubber and acasia wood low prices in beautiful bamboo shapes.
Madagascar well known for its  wood looking like wood from the  U.S.A. , the most colorful living wood with nice drawings. 
Australia very well known for the famous red" beautiful opal glossy wood. 
U.S.A. Many beautiful oak trees and fruit trees wood. 
At Timmersgems you will find the largest Petrified wooden table, it is the largest in the U.S.A , 857 kilos and found on 17-2-2010 on the “Fitzgerald range” in Holbrook Arizona 
it is a museum piece what was assigned to us during the gemstone fair in Tucson in 2010 .

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