Auralite-23 from Pearl Area Thunderbay Ontario Canada

Auralite-23 from Pearl Area Thunderbay Ontario Canada

Andara Obsidian comes from Chihuahua Mexico

Andara Obsidian comes from Chihuahua Mexico

Andara Obsidian skull also Origin or Aztec Skull

from Mexico The stone is 100% natural and is found near Chihuahua- the ancient Aztec / Inca environment.
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The crystal skulls are from quartz or rock crystal faceted artwork in the shape of human skulls. This appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century and were originally assigned to various precolumbiaansebeschavingen. Research in the last decade of the twentieth century, among other things with the aid of a scanning tunneling microscope showed that in each case a number of these skulls are counterfeits. These are made with grinding tools which until the second half of the nineteenth century developed werden.Er is a strong presumption that produced some of the crystal skulls were commissioned by the French dealer Eugène Boban and sold by him. One of the most famous skulls is the Mitchell-Hedges skull. This would have been found by the British adventurer FA Mitchell-Hedges in a space under the ruins of Lubaantun in Belize. Later he appeared to have this skull bought privately in the London auction house Sotheby's. His wife gave as his reason that he gave the skull just as collateral to someone and it had repurchased through Sotheby's. After the death of Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the skull came into the possession of Bill Homann. In the nineties it became clear that the Mitchell-Hedges skull was a fake. In the meantime, the necessary hypes and legends formed around the crystal skulls. Their so-called site they'd centuries ago by the Mayans, the Aztecs or even 0udere precolumbiaansse civilization were manufactured. Would have these psychic abilities and would never right may look in the eyes. According to another legend, they would have an extraterrestrial origin. There would find thirteen of on earth. Once reunited, they would share their knowledge with humanity. Even now play the skulls still has a role in some of the New Age community.

In fiction:
• In the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from 2008 all the above legends are combined.
• The hidden crystal, a book by Manda Scott, is about the crystal skulls and the 2012 phenomenon of the Maya.
• In the 21st episode of season 3 of the science fiction series Stargate SG-1 2000 (Crystal Skull) Daniel Jackson disappears when he looks into a crystal skull.

• The Assassin's Creed series refers to the skulls, where the ancient artifacts with mysterious powers.

Gemstone skulls. Gemstone skulls are already popular and mysterious to many cultures since many decades. The skulls have a very different meaning. Celtic skulls symbolize Time, Strength, creation, initiation and concentration. Celtic culture believes the skull is a seat of power and strength. Some texts refer to the cranium as the seat of the soul. Archaeological findings tell us that the ancient Celts skulls sacrificed to holy wells. The skull is universally recognized as the symbol of life and death. More recently, the skull linked to death and embracing our mortality. In ancient times, the skull was sometimes for life. Skulls and skeletons are the symbol for the Mexican holiday, the day of death. The skull and crossbones is a popular symbol for pirates and poison. Some healers use skulls to see visions of the past, present and future. including rose quartz, rock crystal, rhodonite, aventurine and hematite.

The skuls mystery

Andara Obsidian is heliocentric. That is, they both absorb and reflect light, causing them to work extra healing. If you look around in natural sunlight through the stone is easily spotted. This will help increase your level of consciousness and promotes spiritual growth. The Andara obsidian is one of the stone within the family jewels with great healing effect. They can be used for all kinds of healings and also helps in increasing your awareness and accessibility to other dimensions. The Andara Obsidianen come in various colors and energetic vibrations; From light to dark, bright to champagne, silver, blue, amber and the rarest of all, green, yellow, pink and lavender. All stones are ideal for meditation and make it even easier to get into a good deep meditation. The Andara Obsidians are known earlier also by shamans and high priests to be used. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. The name derives from a Roman who was called Obsius and in antiquity would have an obsidian-like stone found in Ethiopia. Obsidian is created at a rapid cooling of lava having a water content of up to 3-4%. If the content of volatile components (water, carbon dioxide) is higher arises pumice, because the gases as a blowing agent to work. The formation of volcanic glass is highly dependent on the viscosity of the liquid lava and this is in turn strongly influenced by the content of silicic acid. The higher the level, the slower the flowing liquid. Most obsidianen have a silica content of 70% or more and are therefore included in the ryolieten. Less often be found trachitische, andesitic and fonolithische obsidianen which have a lower silica content. The color of obsidian varies quite widely, depending on the impurities it contains. The color is most dark green to deep black, although granite with a similar composition is a light colored material. Usually very finely divided hematite or magnetite to the cause. Sneeuwvlokobsidiaan contains inclusions of spherical grown structures, most of feldspar or cristobalite, which are called spherulites. They are produced by spherical crystal growth from a single central urban growth. Obsidian is a meta-stable material which falls back on the long term, in its crystalline, more stable form. Volcanic glass is not known from the Paleozoic and Precambrian period. In the Stone Age obsidian was a coveted commodity because it is razor-sharp cutting edges. It was used for knives and weapons. Today it is a popular material for art objects and is also used as a gemstone in jewelry. It is then cut as if it is a crystal.


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