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After almost 6 years of being away today, 18 tons of Bronzite, Hematite, Cheetah (Serpentine), Aventurine, Blue Quartz and the only real 100% natural orange Calcite were received - all from Brazil. Coming week, a container from Madagascar, a shipment from Tucson and a shipment of drinking bottles expected. Order the new stones today via the webshop, or come by appointment!

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SALE 2020: Copper bracelet WITH 60% DISCOUNT

SALE 2020: Copper bracelet WITH 60% DISCOUNT


SALE 2020: Copper bracelet WITH 60% DISCOUNT


Very old, and still the remedy for muscle and backaches. It is the combination of two strong minerals Copper & Magnetite, which can help against annoying pains. Many people swear by the working of this jewel

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In the Himalaya you can find no shop where they don’t sell them. Between the newspapers and the cigarettes you will find the product for all minor problems.. The Himalaya bracelet for many years know all over the world, famous in the Netherlands in the '80's a same type of copper bracelet was used by Nico Haak, a famous singer and many more artists. This bracelet was for a large part based on our nowadays Himalaya bracelet as sold by Timmersgems for over 30 years. The timmersgems bracelet has an magnetite add-on this can help against muscle pain, 
Rheuma, arthritis, bone problems etc. though copper it is not a precious metal, yet it is available as an ornament in India, as well as in other countries. Usually young boys and girls are seen wearing copper bracelets. These ornaments are also available outside temples in India. Copper Facts: Copper is described ad healthy and is harmless, because drinking water runs through copper and the best beer is prepared in copper kettles. Recent research shows that copper inhibits bacterial  growth.  there are famous results with magnetite and copper this combination can 
reduce muscle pain, reduce RSI and even prevent to get it. Copper and Magnetite are the 2 most important minerals that can help you. But never forget to consult a physician. Keep in mind that if it  does not work it will do you no harm.  Whether a fashion accessory or a religious or astrological prescription, copper jewelry does look attractive uses of Copper Bracelets : The use of metals for medicinal purposes is found throughout recorded history. copper bracelets have been popular. There have been claims that the wearing of copper bracelets alleviates the symptoms of arthritis,rheumatism, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.