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Beautiful Agates, Pink Amethyst and Uruguay Amethyst on black stands from 29, -! Look further to our great spring offers and novelties! Order via the webshop or drop by by appointment, the coffee is ready. PS We do not expect Selenite Moons and engravings for another 8 working days!

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Gemstone Hearts small (25-30mm), various types from Madagascar.


Gemstone Hearts small (25-30mm), various types from Madagascar.


Gemstone Hearts small (25-30mm), various types from Madagascar.


Polychrome jasper, Golden Healer, Amazonite, Labradorite, Flower agate, assortment can change, and the hearts are all cut freehand, so not dimensionally stable, but colorful, and very affordable.

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The heart is a very old symbol of love used by everyone around the world. Traditionally, the heart has been chosen in several cultures as the seat of love and feeling. It is not entirely clear why the heart was chosen as the love symbol. Perhaps because the heart is automatically related to the (feeling) life and without the heart (read love) no life is possible. The heartbeat is partly influenced by feelings; so our heart beats faster when in love. The heart likes to be loved. The heart needs love. It has even been claimed that love extends life expectancy, while loneliness is counterproductive. Everyone knows the phrase, "He died of a broken heart."