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White Jade flat stones from Vietnam, Pink Amethyst from Argentina, Red & Black salt lamps, yoga cushion sets, Hopi drums, Shaman drums, 4 containers with new, fresh items! Plus 3 new departments totally rebuilt! Order via the webshop, or call for an appointment.(Note: January 24 through February 4 we are at the fairs in Quartzsite & Tucson / Arizona, USA)

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Gemstone globe "The world goes on" with fountain in Onyx from Brazil.

Gemstone globe "The world goes on" with fountain in Onyx from Brazil.


Gemstone globe "The world goes on" with fountain in Onyx from Brazil.


3.5 tons Either 3500 kilo sphere on base. A large pump sets 1200 kilo ball in motion. Very beautiful and unique showpiece.


H160 x B120 x D120cm

Prijs elders

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Onyx is a mineral and a variety of quartz, more specifically a variant of chalcedony. Onyxes are bicolor nesosilicates, in which the colors are intertwined as layers or bands. Onyx is related to agate, a four-colored quartz variant. There are different types of onyxes, where the basic name onyx is normally used to indicate a mineral with white and black layers. In addition, we also know the sardonyx with white and red-brown (the color called sard) layers and carnelian or carnelian pony (fire red and white layers). Onyx is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Uruguay, the United States and Pakistan. Carnelian was mined in North Africa as an ornamental stone in ancient times. In the imperial period, onyxes were mainly used for the manufacture of precious stones; rings with such stones were regularly found in the western provinces. In the late Roman period we also find carnelian pearls in the eastern provinces. Carnelians occurred only a few times above the Alps, such as in Pfyn and Switzerland. References to the onyx occur in several places in the Old Testament of the Bible, the first in Genesis 2, verse 12 According to Rabbi Bahya ben Asher, the word "shoham" in exodus 28:20 means onyx. According to him, onyx was also the stone on the ephod that stood for the tribe of Joseph. In addition, the shoulders of the efod were also provided with two such "shoham" stones. The onyx has an esoteric history that is almost as long as its worldly history. In the Middle Ages the onyx was already seen as "disaster stone", a symbol of mourning and misery. Other sources say that it was also a healing stone, with a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails. Within the zodiac, onyx is associated with the capricorn and with Saturn. Onyx would also have a beneficial influence against nausea, weather sensitivity and stomach and intestinal complaints.

The big advantage of a water feature in your home or business:
Effect & Energy: Stones, like every element on Earth, have stored geological information. The movement of the atoms, and also the indication of rediscovering the energetic vibration of gems, minerals and semi-precious stones that can manipulate all energy in a space. We cannot describe the exact operation for all stones, you can find them in many books where the workings of the stones are described. Because we cannot give you all the information in this text, we focus on the essence. If you want to know more about the power of gemstones, we recommend that you consult good literature that will bring the mythical world closer.

air cleaning: Fountains are generally very good for cleaning the air in a room. And also here in general we can say that the larger the surface of the flowing water, the more dust and invisible dirt will be attracted to the flowing water and will be cleaned in this way. Scientific studies prove that the negative effects of fine dust particles are constantly increasing and can also penetrate into an enclosed space. How much a room fountain can eliminate these fine dust particles is unknown, but experiences in our own showrooms show us that there is almost no dust on the floor and furniture when a fountain works. If you already have a room fountain or you want to buy one soon, you have to take into account that this fountain will not always remove the fine dust particles from the air. You must refresh the water and clean the fountain on a regular basis. When you forget this the fountain can be a source of bacteria. The use of distilled water is highly recommended, so do not forget to follow the instructions above.

Humidifying air and why this is important according to medical opinions:
Fountains are generally very good for the humidity in a room, an accurate calculation about how much air humidity can be increased is impossible to make, if we would like to make this calculation, many facts are needed that are impossible to calculate or are known. Important is the size of the room, the insulation used in construction, the climate in the room for both the absolute humidity, the type of heating that one uses. Etc. In general we can say the larger the surface covered with the flowing water, the more water can get into the air. The water is absorbed by the dry air in the room.

Table fountain, small fountain:
The small fountain models can also improve the humidity in a room, but you do not have too high expectations. It depends on the size of the water surface of the fountain, but there are certainly real improvements of up to 50% for a small one