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19.02 Brazil container received with 11 new rough stones (Cheetah, Bronzite, Hematite, Blue Quartz) 20.02 Tucson shipment with 33 new books, fossil whale ossicles, knightia fish and 66 new stone products. 21.02 Madagascar container received with 3 new types of stone. A total of 90 new products, come to Berghem or order in the webshop. (Note: Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September a.s. closed!)

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Sea green "bunches collier" with "Amazonite" and Zirconia


Sea green "bunches collier" with "Amazonite" and Zirconia


Sea green "bunches collier" with "Amazonite" and Zirconia


Bunches are popular, in 2018 they made their appearance, but also in the 2019 models you see beautiful bottles. And certainly in combination with a real gemstone pendant this looks n


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Zirconia is the artificially synthesized, cubic crystalline form of zirconium (IV) oxide (ZrO2). The material has optical properties that are closer to the characteristics of diamond than any other material. It is not easy for the human eye to distinguish the difference. Zirconia is also popular as imitation diamond. Zirkoniasteen shines a little less than a diamond. On the other hand, this mineral has a larger amount of different colors that sparkle therein (dispersion). There is a difference in hardness and density. Zirconia has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. Diamond has hardness 10. Zirconia has a density (specific gravity), which is about 75% greater than that of diamond. As zirconia diamond can be cut into different shapes. The stone is mechanically polished to match the tolerance of diamond cutting.