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We received 7200 gemstone hearts, 27,000 drilled gemstone pendants, 1200 Fluorite tealight holders and 180 kilos of flat stones this week, and expected further for our summer break (NOTE: SUMMER HOLIDAY CLOSED 13 TO 28 JULY) 2 containers with Indonesia goods (container with wood / bronze / dream catchers and another container with rough and cut stones)

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Rock Crystal teak wood in side table shape

Rock Crystal teak wood in side table shape


Rock Crystal teak wood in side table shape


Teak scale with Rock Crystal in beautiful stainless steel frame. Very nice handicraft, the holes are filled in the Teak with real Rock Crystal and resin.


450 x 360mm

More information

Teak is a wood with a great reputation, which circulate many misunderstandings. Originally teak from Southeast Asia, but the teak tree (Tectona grandis) is now planted widely in the tropics. This means that there are large differences in color, weight, hardness, and so on. The best quality teak is old teak from East Java which was used in the old traditional houses. These homes are often bought purely for the quality of teak to produce furniture again from there. This beautiful dark golden brown flamed wood is also called Djati. Confusing is that there are many names circulating in the market that consist of "teak" with a prefix. In part, this teak species from a particular growth area, partly this fantasy names (so for other species). So (West) African teak teak but no Afrormosia, Pericopsis elata. A very rare and hard solid wood. Typical applications for teak in shipbuilding, especially yachts, and for indoor and outdoor furniture. In both applications, it is decisive that teak is quite resistant to weather and wind, even without having maintained. Also for fine joinery and it has been favored by sculptors. Plant Tubs. It is also used in laboratories as a material for countertops in that it is inert and not very porous. Also this kind of wood is used in the "Gold" carriage of the royal family, which was put into operation in February 1901.

Masterpiece, gorgeous interior part of Myanmar, where the rock crystal is mounted in the Teak, also beautiful to put a light source in which the crystal is lit beautifully. The teak is certified and of good quality.

Rock crystal is colorless and most common variant of the mineral quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) The name "crystal" derives from the Greek word "Krustallos" which means ice. It was believed that rock crystal was designed by the gods ice. At the time of the Mesolithic was known rhinestone al. During Roman times from the Alps under the name "petrified ice" on the market. Theofratus called it "krystallos". Also Pliny the Elder mentions it. The name "Quartz" was introduced in 1529 by Georgius Agricola. The peoples of the East considered rock crystal and stone of patience and perfection. Tibetans use crystal to crystal to behandelen.De wounds choice as a drinking glass or as part of medieval jewelry can be attributed to the belief that these crystals would crack or discolor when they came in contact with poison So the chain was a amuletdat protecting the king compare Rudolfinische imperial crown and the chain of the Jehovah-order Genesis:... Megnatieten, pegmatites, hydrothermal and alpine stone veins, alluvial deposits Appearance:. Rock crystal is naturally widespread, but not always in gemstone quality Historically known sites are India and Sri Lanka (near Tatnaputi) Iridescent quartz from the area of ​​Poona in India and out.. Myanmar is a rarity. Beautiful crystals come from Kenya and Madagascar, also from Brazil (Minas Gerais), Goisas, Bahia and French Guiana. In the US, Rhinestone for in pegmatites, including in Maine (in Ausburn, New York, North Carolina, Arkansas (Crystal Peak) and California. Of particular significance are occurrences in the Alps. Rhinestones are found in Switzerland (eg Urim where a crystal of 135 kg has been found in the area of ​​the St. Gotthard and Grimsel), in Austria (in 1965 at the Grossglockner found a crystal of nearly 1,000 kg in a cavity). Rhinestones are also found in Germany, the Czech Republic Poland and France in the collections of several museums are unique faceted rhinestones The Smithsonian Institution Washington has a polished stone of 7000 kt and a rock crystal sphere with a diameter of 33 cm and a weight of 48.5 kg.. it comes out Burma and was cut in China.



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