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We received 7200 gemstone hearts, 27,000 drilled gemstone pendants, 1200 Fluorite tealight holders and 180 kilos of flat stones this week, and expected further for our summer break (NOTE: SUMMER HOLIDAY CLOSED 13 TO 28 JULY) 2 containers with Indonesia goods (container with wood / bronze / dream catchers and another container with rough and cut stones)

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SALE 2020: Argan oil in luxury packaging

SALE 2020: Argan oil in luxury packaging


SALE 2020: Argan oil in luxury packaging


Argan oil is bottled only on one square kilometer in the world and is also called liquid gold. To the oil awarded many beneficial effects, so it could help prevent high blood pressure, is good for the skin and hair.



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In the north of Africa lives a small group of people known as the Berber tribe. Their lives consist out of hard work, manual labour in the burning sun, sandstorms, hot dry air and many other skin ruining circumstances. But you couldn’t tell it from their faces. From their soft, smooth and elegantly blushing, almost ageless skin. Supple and young. They’ve kept their secret to themselves for centuries, but it’s too miraculous to stay unnoticed.

Their secret grows from a small group of trees known as the Arganeraie, which is the only Argan forest in the world. Old, majestic though humble trees, growing only at the verge of the dessert in the region of Southern Morocco. the wood is about only 1 square km

 Long before sunrise the women start their journey in their bright coloured gowns down to the forest. It is only in a small window of time, between June and August, that the fruits can be collected. This is when the fruit drops down from the trees, liberating them from the Argan’s vigilant thorns. benefits of Argan oil are as numerous as they are miraculous. The healing ingredients in Argan oil work exactly the same as the components of your very own skin. Argan oil is the one source of nutrition your whole body needs. Your skin will show you. Argan oil is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for daily skin care. Use Argan oil to care for your hair and to bring your coupe to full bloom. Don’t forget to treat your nails – Argan oil strengthens them significantly. benefits for your skin The skin is one of the most important organs of your body – take special care for it. Argan oil is not only beneficial for your skin. It will benefit your entire body and general health. Argan oil will significantly impact the wellbeing of your skin.

 benefits include:
Reduces wrinkles
Reduces stretch marks
Prevents, heals and soothes irritation caused by shaving
Heals chapped lips
Also suitable as after-sun

 benefits for your hair:
To keep your hair healthy, shiny and full, apply Shazara Argan oil to your hair. This will treat split ends and reduces dryness. Massage Argan oil to your scalp to keep your skin and hair healthy, shiny and beautiful.
Benefits include:
Reduces dry hair
Treats split ends
Prevents dandruff