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Very slowly, countries will open again, Morocco will open, and we expect a 40 foot container with Selenite, minerals and fossils next week. We also expect the USA to open again, and there is a whole shipment with Sage ready, and from Indonesia we expect tomorrow a container with outdoor statues and dream catchers! Furthermore, we will receive a container of salt lamps from Pakistan this week. What is also striking is that sea freight has increased by at least 40%!

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Goloka incense 12x15 gram Reiki series "Grounding"

Goloka incense 12x15 gram Reiki series "Grounding"


Goloka incense 12x15 gram Reiki series "Grounding"


Goloka reiki admittedly made series in India but with the touch of Japan and typical Japanese fragrance ingredients.


12 x 15 gram

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Goloka presents a breeze with a pleasant fragrance to suit Reiki meditation and treatments. The fragrances are carefully composed from Japanese ingredients and chosen with the utmost care when collected. It contains additions of very pure oil and shades of resin and earth tones reminiscent of Japan and its serenity. 5 delicious new scents of the global brand Goloka This incense gives you a transcendental experience.

Goloka is known for its products. The company manufactures and exports Indian incense sticks, incense sticks traditional, flora sense and Padmini incense sticks. Successfully laying them down enchanting series of fragrances. A Goloka has enabled industrial journey of 16 years in order to gain knowledge in manufacturing these sticks with a difference. They make use of traditionally mixed paste prepared from the ingredients so they assure us of a series of agarbatthis which are known that they give a soothing scent. The specialty of Goloka Seva Trust is that 100% of the proceeds going to charitable activities, while enjoying the aroma quality of Goloka.