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Chandan Padmini incense 6 pack hexaverpakking 20 grams

Chandan Padmini incense 6 pack hexaverpakking 20 grams


Chandan Padmini incense 6 pack hexaverpakking 20 grams


Sandalwood from Padmini is just like "Spiritual Guide" the best of the best. 100% natural, and really the most intense experience of all Indian Sandalwood incense factories selling Sandalwood & Chandan.


More information

Padmini Chandan Dhoop Sticks, Chandan is a Hindu boy name. The meaning of the name is `Sandalwood. This is a very pleasant Chandan, half-sweet, light musk-like with an aroma that will last long time.

Padmini incense
Incense is a part of the Indian heritage. A way of life. Incense sticks have for ages, been associated with spirituality and the finer things of life. For years and years one of the best incenses is made by the famous incense house Padmini.  In their assortment are famous scents like “Spiritual guide” and also is Padmini well known for their Sandal scents named Chandans. Padmini is a company devoted to redefining the ancient art of incense creation. All Padmini fragrances are created using natural, aromatic herbs & must pass a stringent quality control process in order to ensure immaculate bliss.Timmersgems has some great Padmini scents in their assortment, and it’s really worthwhile to give them a try and compare them with scents from other incense houses.  Important to say is that the incense is made in clean factories and is also made child labor free. Padmini is very much taking care about the environment and the workers in their factory. "Padmini" means pure and soothing fragrance. The smoke is generally medium and is dedicated perfumed.