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White Jade flat stones from Vietnam, Pink Amethyst from Argentina, Red & Black salt lamps, yoga cushion sets, Hopi drums, Shaman drums, 4 containers with new, fresh items! Plus 3 new departments totally rebuilt! Order via the webshop, or call for an appointment.(Note: January 24 through February 4 we are at the fairs in Quartzsite & Tucson / Arizona, USA)

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SALE 2020: Fountain model "Zen Buddha" (H220mm x B250mm) in Orange Calcite TO 40% OFF

SALE 2020: Fountain model "Zen Buddha" (H220mm x B250mm) in Orange Calcite TO 40% OFF


SALE 2020: Fountain model "Zen Buddha" (H220mm x B250mm) in Orange Calcite TO 40% OFF


Hand Polished Orange Calcite scale and Orange Calcite Buddha revolving precious stone / quartz ball with lights and small Fluorite stones as decoration. Very nice room fountain in beautiful gift packaging


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Effect & Energy: Stones are like each element stored in the earth geological information. The movement of the atoms, and the indication of rediscovered the energetic vibration of gems, minerals and gemstones that can manipulate all the energy in a room, we can not all stones describe the precise effect this can be found in many books where the operations of the stones are laid. Because we can not give any information in this text we focus on the essentials. Want to know more about the power of gemstones we recommend to consult good literature that will bring closer the mythical world.

air cleaning: fountains are in general very well in order to clean the air in a room. And here, in general, we can say that the larger the surface of the flowing water, the more invisible dust and dirt will be attracted by the flowing water will be cleaned in this way. Scientific studies prove that the negative effects of fine dust particles are permanently larger and can penetrate in a confined space. How can eliminate a room fountain of these fine particles is unknown, but experiences in our own showrooms show us that there is almost no dust on the floor and furniture is working as a fountain. If you already have a room fountain or you buy soon a want to please keep in mind that this fountain will not always remove the fine dust particles from the air. On a regular basis you must change the water and clean the fountain. If you forget the fountain can be a source of bacteria. The use of distilled water is highly recommended, so you do not forget to follow the instructions above.

Humidifiers and why this is important according to medical opinion:
Fountains are generally very good for the humidity in a room, an accurate calculation of how much the humidity is increasing is impossible, if we this calculation would like to make, there are many facts necessary to impossible to calculate his or known. Importantly, the size of the room, the insulation used in the construction, the climate in the room for both the absolute humidity, the type of heating is being used. Etc. In general, we can say the larger the surface area which is covered with the flowing water, the more water in the air can come. The water is absorbed by the dry air in the room.

Table fountain, small fountain:
The small models fountains can improve the humidity in a room, but you have not too high expectations. It is dependent upon the size of the water surface of the fountain, but there are certainly possible real improvements of up to 50% for a small room. Scientific information about humidity and what it can do for humans: as dry air in a heated room in winter with relatively cold air from outside with relatively low absolute humidity in the building is heated to 10-25 degrees without having more moisture in it cold air is than the relative humidity in the air will drop rapidly. With an increasing temperature difference between absolute and maximum humidity will rise very rapidly. These physical properties are the basis of the relative humidity which can be found in the winter in living and working rooms. Many people understand these properties and not think that can be improved by allowing more outside air into the room, the humidity in the room. However, this is not correct, due to the heating of the cold outside air in the building to get hot air will decrease the humidity previously, rather than increase, even when the humidity was previously in order.

What is the price too low humidity:
"The Common Cold Foundation" in the US, calculated that the price in general for the diseases associated with cold weather has increased to $ 5 billion, taking the income, the cessation of production and took the prize for healthcare these are the main elements of this enormous amount of money. In more civilized countries, statistics show health is often the loss of income and employment caused by the result of low humidity and its effect on human health. a long time ago it was believed that the disease in the first line was caused by breathing in cold air. cooling of the body is the result of this effect. With the discovery of less common viruses and bacteria that are known today were those held responsible for the disease caused by cold, this view has changed. the cooling is now viewed as the cause for the reduction of the resistance. Nowadays, in more modern times, it is expected that many more the dry air in heated rooms of the main reason is the reduction of the resistance. This view is shared by many specialized physicians with knowledge of the ear, nose and mouth health.

The mineral calcite (also known as calcite) consists mainly of the salt is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), and is one of the most common mineral in the earth's crust. Calcium carbonate is caused by soluble calcium ions come in contact with CO2 (carbon dioxide forms a carbonate ion as a positive ion is in a solution). Calcium carbonate is a poorly soluble salt, which makes the formed CaCO3 precipitates; this is going according to the following reaction: Ca2 + (aq) + CO32- (aq) - → CaCO3 (s) Calcite is a common constituent of sedimentary rocks, conductors and in deposits in hot springs and cave in karst areas (as a stalactite). It is the mineral which forms of limestone and therefore the most common mineral of biological origin. Calcite is the main component of limestone, chalk and marble and is a major constituent of limestone, calcareous sandstone and limestone shale. Calcite gives the chemical weathering in igneous and metamorphic rocks, which are sedimentary rocks formed. Calcite is under slight pressure soluble in CO2-containing water. During the fall in the air, the gaseous carbon dioxide takes rainwater, making it acidic. This acidic rainwater is able to dissolve lime. In underground streams can convey this material in solution to, upon contact with atmospheric pressure, CO2 escapes and the calcite precipitate. As stalagmites and stalactites are formed in caves. Previously, the transparent Icelandic form of calcite, which was named Iceland spar, used for the manufacture of Nicol prisms. Some researchers hypothesize that the Vikings at sea navigated using crystals of this mineral, which even in cloudy weather to determine the sun's position is accurate. Nowadays, especially in the construction of limestone used as a construction element, for the manufacture of lime and cement, while marble is used as a construction -en ornamental stone.


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