Apatite "free form" from Madagascar

Garnet spheres from Madagascar.

Garnet spheres from Madagascar.

Fluorite "box" from Madagascar ("the discovery of 2021!")

Beautiful crystal groups with beautiful Fluorite crystals - which also have a great resemblance to the classic Fluorites of England, but at a fraction of the price.
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Fluorite "box" from Madagascar ("the discovery of 2021!") is available to buy in increments of 1

Fluorite is used for centuries as a fluxing agent for metals from ore easier to melt down and the slag better sewer system. For this reason, also called vloeispaatgenoemd fluorite. Fluorite can have many colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, brown, green, blue, purple and transparent. The crystal form is clearly visible: usually a regular octahedron (octahedron). These facts make it attractive for mineral collectors. The phenomenon of fluorescence is named after this gem. It was discovered in the processing of fluorite metal that glows in the dark, as it previously located in daylight. The element fluorine, discovered in 1886, derives its name from fluorite. Fluorite is a real study and thinking rock. It helps to show broadly the course material, and make connections with existing knowledge. This makes it easier to organize the information and the substance can be absorbed better. This mineral takes you on a gentle, yet quick way to your core. It gets the best out of you, both physically and mentally. Because fluorite occurs in so many colors, and it was often used to imitate other gemstones.

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