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Our wholesale is open, if you are sick or have a cold, we kindly ask you not to come. Of course, the webshop is available to everyone 24 hours a day and the shop currently has 40 super offers. In addition, our physical wholesaler has a new “shop-in-shop” concept with more than 90 meters with tumbled and flat stones! The renewed Rock Yard has been supplemented with 2 containers of raw minerals from Brazil and South Africa. Everything is at its Easter best!

09.04.2020; Newfind; Elefantskin-Dolomite furthermore Fluorite, Verdite, African jade & Kalahari-Landscapestone

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Donuts (Pi-stones) 30 mm (10-15sorts) in triple-A quality. For 42 years BESTSELLER.

Donut 30 mm A_product

Donuts (Pi-stones) 30 mm (10-15sorts) in triple-A quality. For 42 years BESTSELLER.


Donuts (Pi-stones) 30 mm (10-15sorts) in triple-A quality. For 42 years BESTSELLER.


Gemstone Donuts are of all times. The origin of "buttons from imperial robes of the Ming Dynasty" and remain immensely popular. Note that they are delivered in bags of 5 pieces per stone.

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Donuts come from the ancient times and old Chinese Dynasties, and were used as buttons. From the 19th century till now these buttons “Donuts”were used for Good Luck. This together with the energy from some gemstones makes the Donut an amulet against sickness but also a fashionable piece of jewelry.The best known Donut is without any doubt the button used by the ancient Chinese emperor. The story can be found in many books, musicals and theatre plays. Sinead O’connor also made a song about the fairy tale and even nowadays many people get inspiration from this story